Additions To YouTube (reformARTwest/Gmunden; reformARTorchestra/Vienna; Teshuvah)

The motivations for allowing my work to be posted on YouTube, and links to the initial videos can be found here. Subsequently, footage and photos from May, 2015’s  reformARTwest concerts, a December, 2015  concert in memory of Sepp Mitterbauer , and a snippet of “noise” were posted. More recently, a 2016 Gmunden, Austria concert under the  reformARTwest banner was uploaded along with footage from recording sessions at Vienna’s Porgy & Bess club (and elsewhere) featuring small groupings of reformARTorchestra members. A couple clarifications need to be made concerning the Gmunden concert. In the description (in German), Siegerl, the videographer explains that the video is not that of a documentarian per se, but, rather of an observer standing in a particular place in the room. Unfortunately, Alaeddin and Karl opted to situate themselves out of camera range. Perhaps more unfortunately, I didn’t. What Siegerl didn’t explain is the story behind my using various pieces of furniture as percussion. The original plan was for me to have a drum set for this concert, which, ultimately, wasn’t possible logistically. As the exhibit for which we were providing music was WALTER MALLI: BLOWING THE POLAROID, my thought was, in part, to do some drumming with rags a la Walter. (I first saw/heard him do this when collaborating with the Reform Art Unit in 1997.) While striking visually, the sounds produced were even more-so. But, despite how drawn I was to this technique, I resolved *not* to use [co-opt] it out of respect for him. However, as an homage, I did employ it during the 2015 reformARTwest events, and obviously, did the same in Gmunden, albeit with found objects rather than an actual drum set.

Still more recently, Mike Yaeger, a friend who I hadn’t heard from in some years, got in touch concerning his starting up a YouTube channel.  Initially, he was looking to have me sign off on posting his “slur-motion-deep-blink-shift painting without objective meaning” film “Had That That Had Had That”, as several segments featured excerpts of my collaborative work with Steve Gnitka, Scott Newell, John O’Brien, Viv Corringham and Elliot Fine. Once that was done, he got my approval to upload his video of the session with Tim Hodgkinson which resulted in the CD TESHUVAH. Plans are for more of Mike’s video documentation of my work from 2006-2008 to find its way unto YouTube starting in early 2017. In the meantime, there’s also a video on his channel which was originally intended to have been used elsewhere, but makes for a quintessential Elliot Fine stand alone feature.

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