For close to 4 decades, Steve was my primary collaborator. In his words, from an unpublished interview (circa 1979): “I first met Milo in late ’75 as the result of my knowing a guitarist and tenor player named Scott* who was playing with Milo at the time but was going to leave the group to pursue more

George Roberts – poet, visual artist (for example, the cover of Ananke), paper maker, hand typesetter, educator/mentor, co-owner/founder of Homewood Studios in North Minneapolis, and, in the best sense of the description, community advocate* – was unaware of free jazz/improvised music when we first officially met in 2003. (An overview of that encounter from more

[Teenage Boatpeople backstory.] Due to the pandemic, but in keeping with the process utilized in post ’09 TBP documents, I recorded my parts for Her Grace listening to the songs on headphones for the first time; in other words, treating them as in-the-moment material for improvisation. (Naturally, adding instruments meant that I was getting more

TRANSCEND the oppressor