(Listed chronologically, in order of recording date)

"Blue Freedom's New Art Transformation" "Improvisations (Being Free)" "Hah!" "The Constant Extension of Inescapable Tradition"
"Earlier Outbreaks of Iconoclasm" "MFG in Minnesota" "Old Eyes" "Against the Betrayers"
"4 By The Boatpeople" "1980-81" "Lucid Anarchists (Meat With Two Potatoes)" "Get Down! Shove It! It's Tango Time!"
"Darlin'" "Borbeto Jam" "Industrial Strength" "Live at Walker Art Center"
"Gutter Cleaners" "April / October 1991" "Another Outbreak of Iconoclasm [Two Eggs, Slightly Beaten]” "With Milo Fine"
"Precision in Inexactitude" "Surges/Suspensions, Comme Toujours" "Frequency Etchings (Ongoing Celebrations of Insignificance)" "For Loss Of"
"Koi/Klops" "Scale Points on the Fever Curve" "Motion Ejecta" "Small Groups"
"Ikebana (London Encounters)" "Towards 'Der Andere Zustand' (Another Artistic Triumph)" "Percussion Music; Improvised" "Shadow Company (2004)"
"Second Meeting (Percussion Music; Improvised)" "Senilità" "Contiguous Chunks" "Ananke"
"Teshuvah" "Sound Carvings (Ongoing Celebrations of Insignificance)" "Now" "Concerning 'The Other Condition'/Spontaneous Composition Generator"
"Medusa's Lair" "The Untenability of Sentience & More Wistful Tunes for the Sincere" "More Sound Carvings (Ongoing Celebrations of Insignificance)" "Wiener U-Bahn-Kunst"
"Nothing Is Not de minimis (A Meeting of Multi-Instrumentalists)" "Iloinen Evoluutio" "Add Havoc" "You Will Not Be Pressed To Buy (Volume One/Volume Two)"
"The Light Keeps The Dark Company" "The Edgar Allan Poe Suite" "For Sepp (Selections from The Edgar Allan Poe Suite)" "Improcomposer Opera"
"The Only Dignity Is Oblivion" "Apophenia" "Acceptance of Sorrow" "Her Grace"

Special thanks to William G. Kenz,
author of the original on-line Milo Fine Discography