Teenage Boatpeople

1) Shot In, Shot Out*
2) Naked Lady Sea
3) Don’t Go Out At Night (II)
4) No, Not Really
5) Pull and Roll
6) Don’t Go Out At Night (I)
7) 9C Piss Alley
8) Porch Swing Love
9) How? Why?
10) But Seriously Folks
11) Irish Folk Song

*extra track on copies with the band’s name listed as “THE BOATPEOPLE”

Jeff Johnson: bass, vocals, acoustic guitar, drum machine
Milo Fine: m-drums, percussion, piano, casio, clarinet, soprano sax, vioin, vocals
Anny Unger: guitar, vocals
Ron Strabala: rhythm guitar, vocals (tracks 6-10)

Recorded by Tom “Butley” Farmer, Minneapolis MN; 1980/81

2003 – no label name/number (CD-R)