Teenage Boatpeople


1) Works
2) Washington Ave. Bridge
3) Checkpoint
4) She’s My Girlfriend
5) Suicide Ride To Hell
6) Don’t Go Out At Night
7) Don’t Go Out At Night (Take 2)
8) Festering Sores
9) The Old In-Out
10) Consumation
11 My Friends Know Too Much
12) Dirty Or Sweet
13) Weeze Boatpeople Dance As Good As We Walk

Jeff Johnson: guitar, bass, voice, rhythm machine
Milo Fine: m-drums, m-drums II (electronics), drum set, B flat/E flat clarinets, piano, electronic piano (electronics), Casio keyboard, bowed cymbals, orchestra chimes, soprano sax, voice
Tim Mauseth: bass, banjo, guitar, slide guitar (tracks 1-4)
Anny Unger: guitar, voice (tracks 6-8)
Ron Strabala: guitar, voice (tracks 6-13)
Suzi Atwood: voice (track 10)

Recorded in Minneapolis:
2009 (tracks 1-5)/1980 (tracks 6-9)/1979 (tracks 10-13; originally issued as 4 BY THE BOATPEOPLE)

2009 – Agua Prieta APR000209 (CD)