“Her Grace”; new LP by/final voyage with (of?) Teenage Boatpeople

[Teenage Boatpeople backstory.] Due to the pandemic, but in keeping with the process utilized in post ’09 TBP documents, I recorded my parts for Her Grace listening to the songs on headphones for the first time; in other words, treating them as in-the-moment material for improvisation. (Naturally, adding instruments meant that I was getting somewhat [but not too!] familiar with the structures. Additionally, I should note that indeterminacy was integral to the process as I did not audit my preceding contributions when adding instruments.) My tracks were first takes recorded on one night (December 5, 2020) at Studio Toile d’Angles. From there, working through issues of balance amongst all the voices can be a tricky business; particularly when someone only superficially familiar (if that) with the group’s music/history (and within that, my personal aesthetics), i.e.; a “producer” is brought aboard and essentially given carte blanche. And, while some of my insistences were taken into account as the procedure dragged on and on, ultimately some of my contributions on one or two tracks were deleted, buried, or, in the case of one instrument, EQ’d strangely. None of this would have necessarily been problematic save for the fact that I was given assurances that these concerns would be addressed. They weren’t. So, while I am overall extremely pleased with the music, and being fully aware that anyone listening to the LP would not notice anything amiss, the disrespect shown to me in these particular unilateral decisions has resulted in my decision to abandon ship as it were. Decades ago, enduring similar affronts concerning the treatment accorded Steve Gnitka and me by the powers-that-be at Hat Hut Records (who, at the time, we considered friends/comrades), I was, as evidenced by the title of Shih Shih Wu Ai 3, indignant. Perhaps as the result of (hopefully) ever-evolving, for wont of a better word, maturity (or simply old age), and taking into account my long-time friendship with Jeff to say nothing of the music’s overall quality, I am simply and unambiguously resigned. While Teenage Boatpeople was, in some regards, an anomaly for me, the evolution (“opening”) of the group’s music was particularly satisfying. We had a good run and, most importantly, Jeff’s and my friendship, while diminished, remains intact. (Footnote: Her Grace is pressed on blue vinyl and comes with a digital download.)


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