concerning private sessions and public concerts

As the pandemic continued/continues, I was/am occasionally asked when I’ll be opening Studio Toile D’Angles for sessions and concerts. (And, within the last couple months, along with two invitations for gigs, I had an inquiry from an anonymous person as to when I’d be presenting my work publicly. Seems she [?] heard about me from a friend and her interest was piqued. [To be clear, as I am occasionally “pranked” by friends/associates, I thought this was a joke. But, given the nature of our subsequent exchange, I believe it was legitimate. What a curious turn of events…]) Particularly given that I am in statistical endgame, I have been extremely cautious re: Covid; going out as little as possible (and when I do wearing a mask and a face shield), and being fully vaccinated. Additionally, I had the “speed” of the Studio’s ventilation system increased and purchased a Medify air purifier with a (safe as pertains to ozone) UV option. Thus far, I have not been infected, and, obviously, I want to maintain that status. (It wouldn’t be so problematic if it were a matter of catching it and being sick for 5 days or so [not that I have even 5 days to spare at this point]. But the possibility of long Covid and/or organ damage…) I had thought that sessions might start fall of ’24 and concerts in the spring, but given what I was able to glean from all the too often conflicting (and also too often politically influenced) interpretation of data, fall and spring of ’25 seemed more reasonable/likely. However, recently two factors have come into play. First, it is now recommended that statistical endgamers get a second go-round of the latest booster in the spring. Second, as far as one can trust research, it has shown that the more vaccinated one is, the less likely one is to get long Covid. Thus, I am thinking that a month or so after I get the next booster (likely in April or May), I’ll be hosting occasional private sessions (with the ventilation system and air purifier running). From there, we’ll see.
(Footnote 1: In Doris Lessing’s brilliant Children of Violence series, I believe the lead character terms science as the new religion; a view justifiably held by many. Holy books [too] often interpreted through the inner lens [prejudices/agendas] of the reader/believer, have been replaced by data. Yes, I over simplify, but how else to explain why periodically, if not regularly diverse conclusions are drawn from the same “facts”?)
(Footnote 2: While no one has commented on the wording used to state that the Studio was closed to the public because of Covid: “Due to the season of COVID-19, concerts @ Studio Toile d’Angles have been suspended.” there is an amusing back story with a not so amusing punch line. Decades ago, the Udupi Cafe was a fantastic Indian restaurant located in Columbia Heights, MN. The first winter a group of us went there for dinner, we were greeted with a sign stating “Closed for the season of winter”. Obviously that phrasing stuck with me.
Sadly, as time went on, the quality of the food went downhill. Initially, the food was clearly freshly prepared. But as time went on the dishes were obviously frozen and reheated.
Much more egregiously, it turned out that the owner was involved in human trafficking concerning many if not most of the folks working there. As a result the Cafe ceased operation.)

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  1. 03 Mar 2024 at 6:19 pm
 Glen DeVore

    How fortuitous! It’s 6:15 pm on the Third of March, 2024 and I say to myself: “I haven’t checked Milo’s website in a while! I think I’ll do so now!” and voila! I find this! 
As always, I respect and appreciate your perspective.

  2. 03 Mar 2024 at 8:24 pm

    Thank you kindly old friend/comrade, deeply valued active listener, and ofttimes audient [sic]!

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