YouTube presence

There are many reasons why I have avoided so-called “social media” (My Space, Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, etc.). Central to this decision is my lack of an appetite to compete for attention in a consumer-based marketplace, to say nothing of my distaste for image mongering and the career hustle. (Yes, yes, I know: the very fact my image is out there is mongering in and of itself. But, obviously if one elects to publicly display one’s work that cannot be totally avoided. An untenable situation to which I am characteristically ambivalent.) My decision to enter YouTube is predicated on a couple things. First, there’s one unauthorized bit with me already on display. I am very proprietary about my work, but I didn’t ask to have it removed because “bluhousworker” was (is?) a pleasant and earnest fellow, and it’s rather nice to be heard (& seen) reciting a couple Brion Gysin texts in the company of Davu and Andrew; particularly as I almost never do that sort of thing.  The second, and perhaps more pointed reason for this decision has to do with unfortunate (& rather despicable) circumstances that have, more or less, forced my hand. This is my belated, to use the current lexicon, push-back. My thanks to Charles Gillett uploading this material, and, indeed, for having filmed it in the first place. His friendship and support (to say nothing of his musicianship) over the years are greatly appreciated. EnjoY! [sic]