With the reformARTorchestra on LP & Charles Gillett on YouTube

The music recorded during 2 days of sessions at Porgy & Bess in Vienna on May 26 and 27, 2016 — over three dozen 4 minute pieces featuring small groups culled from the 21 member reformARTorchestra —was originally intended to be published as a 2 CD set accompanying a follow-up book to “Wiener U-Bahn-Kunst”. Evidently, for undisclosed reasons, the bureaucrats behind the project didn’t follow through. Producer (and participant) Johannes Groysbeck went through the recordings and constructed a continuous collage of pieces and extracts for each side of the IMPROCOMPOSER OPERA LP. This limited edition (100 copies) album is, thus far, the only published documentation of these intense, satisfying collaborations overseen by Fritz Novotny. (Copies are available from the Audio Center Record Shop/Vienna: [email protected]. Use subject heading “IMPROCOMPOSER OPERA”. They accept PayPal.)










Old friend Mike Yaeger was visiting Minneapolis in early October, video camera in hand. He captured a concert featuring Charles Gillett and myself at Studio Toile d’Angles under the “Squealfest/Sound Carvings + 1” banner, which could be heard as representing the more, for wont of a better word, extreme (in terms of dynamics/density) aspects of my/our improvisational work.

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