snippet of “noise”

From a 2 hour + concert @ the Kitty Cat Klub 8/17/15 as part of the Tourniquet Noise Series curated by Kevin Cosgrove and Dolores Dewberry. (Thanks to Jon Copeland for taking the snapshot and getting the green light to post.)


Fritz Novotny and Sepp Mitterbauer are once again safely ensconced and active in Vienna. As much as I despise self-aggrandizement (or what can appear as such), and am not entirely comfortable with “blogging” in this manner, I must state that this was an amazing weekend filled with, quite frankly, spectacular music and deep camaraderie more

reformARTwest on YouTube

Trio/Sextet 1 (preface)

Trio (excerpt 1)

Trio (excerpt 2)

Sextet 1 (excerpt 1)

Sextet 1 (excerpt 2)

Sextet 1 (excerpt 3)

Sextet 1 (excerpt 4)

Sextet 2 (excerpt 1)

Sextet 2 (excerpt 2)

Sextet 2 (excerpt 3)

Nonet (excerpt 1)

Nonet (excerpt 2)

(Richard Mann: videographer [editing on “preface”]; Charles Gillett/Amy Myrbo: photos; Milo Fine: more

Fritz Novotny and Sepp Mitterbauer will be featured in 3 concerts (May 15/16/17, 2015) at Studio Toile d’Angles. I will join  Fritz and Sepp for the first concert under the reformARTwest banner. ( The remaining two evenings will spotlight the trio in sextet configurations with Elaine Evans/Daniel Furuta/Benjamin J Mansavage Klein on 5/16; and more