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Trio/Sextet 1 (preface)

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Sextet 1 (excerpt 1)

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(Richard Mann: videographer [editing on “preface”]; Charles Gillett/Amy Myrbo: photos; Milo Fine: more

Fritz Novotny and Sepp Mitterbauer will, as of this writing, soon be back in Vienna. As much as I despise self-aggrandizement (or what can appear as such), and am not entirely comfortable with “blogging” in this manner, I must state that this was an amazing weekend filled with, quite frankly, spectacular music and deep more

Fritz Novotny and Sepp Mitterbauer will be featured in 3 concerts (May 15/16/17, 2015) at Studio Toile d’Angles. I will join  Fritz and Sepp for the first concert under the reformARTwest banner. ( The remaining two evenings will spotlight the trio in sextet configurations with Elaine Evans/Daniel Furuta/Benjamin J Mansavage Klein on 5/16; and more

“Earlier Outbreaks of Iconoclasm”, a 2 CD set on Emanem, has just been released. (Click here for the back story.) A limited number of copies will be available at upcoming concerts and from this website, with ongoing availability via Emanem and affiliated distributors.