In May, 2015, trumpeter Sepp Mitterbauer, co-founder of Austria’s Reform Art Unit (est. 1965) made his first North American appearance at Minneapolis’ Studio Toile d’Angles alongside his comrade and RAU spiritus rector Fritz Novotny. His playing was as ebullient and indefatigably inventive as his personality was warm, open and giving. 6 months later he had a stroke, and was subsequently diagnosed with metastasized pancreatic cancer, following which he suffered 2 additional strokes. He lay in a hospital bed, unable to speak; communicating by blinking his eyes. Mercifully, he died on December 9.  What was originally suggested by Fritz as a simultaneous joint concert to provide “Energy for Sepp”, will now be music played in his honor. As detailed below, the reformARTunit will start playing in Vienna at 7:00pm, while reformARTwest, consisting of the musicians who collaborated with Sepp and Fritz last spring, will begin their music at 12:00pm. Please see the protocols for Studio Toile d’Angles, and note that while there is no admission fee for this event, the remaining CDs, LP and CD-Rs in LP jackets Fritz and Sepp brought last spring (see listing below the artwork) will be for sale. All proceeds will go towards the production of the upcoming 3 CD set of the music played during that memorable May weekend in is entirety.dedication sepp text

artwork by Jörg Dobrovich

artwork by Jörg Dobrovich




Reform Art Orchestra – The Pannonian Suite (2 CD-Rs/LP jacket) (2014) [1 copy]

Reform Art Unit – Grimm’s Fairy Tales (CD-R/LP jacket) (2014) [2 copies]
Wide Fields -To Federico Fellini (CD) (1984/85) [3 copies]












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