A bona fide member

In recent communications with the Reform Art Unit’s spiritus rector Fritz Novotny, he alerted me to his updated Wikipedia page. Accessing it (and, unfortunately, being a typical uni-lingual american, having to have it translated), I noticed that, in spite of my few collaborations with the RAU, I wasn’t included in the list of “Significant Guest Soloists”. (In other venues, Fritz has always included me in such mentions.) Given my predilection towards INsignificance, this was appropriate. But, the “ego-itch” compelled me to tease him about the omission. His surprising response was that the reason I wasn’t listed is because, as of 1997, he has considered me a member (!) of the Reform Art Unit (under the overarching umbrella of “reformARTmusic”). In further communications with Wikipedia author Wolfgang H. Wögerer (with me cc’d), Fritz went on to state (as translated by Google): “…by many national and international guests who also were friends, there were TWO somehow with an inner comprehension made ​​themselves MEMBERS: Sunny Murray in 1968 and Milo FINE 1997.”  I had no idea, which makes the honor somehow even more satisfying now.

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