I recently learned that, due to an oversight on my part, Jesse Petersen’s name was misspelled in the credits for SOUND CARVINGS (ONGOING CELEBRATIONS OF INSIGNIFICANCE). (His photo served as the template for the cover.) And while Jesse was not all that upset, I obviously regret the error, hence this public (so to speak, given the number of people visit this site) acknowledgement and apology. And, writing of his photography, here’s a shot  I’m very fond of from the Heliotrope Festival a few years ago (exquisite lighting by Don Mabley-Allen); taken during a duo set with Davu Seru.

And, writing of my dear friend and colleague Davu, there was a mis-billing of the February 21 gig at the Black Dog. I was absolutely serious when, after the first set, I announced the name of  the group as “The Davu Seru Trio” (though “Davu Seru/Milo Fine/Paul Metzger” would have been more accurate). After all, Davu approached me about playing and he booked the gig. The fact that, in a belated listing on the Black Dog calendar, the band was accredited to me likely had something to do with my seniority/longevity, because, to say that I lack drawing power is, to be sure, an understatement. (In solely that regard, and given his “following”, it would indeed have made more sense for the venue to list Davu’s name first!) Still, when it came to listing the personnel on the calendar, the ordering was appropriate. But that was because the detailing was copied from my website. And while I could have contacted the Black Dog to correct the listing (and they would have been good about making the adjustment), I didn’t for several reasons. First, it was Davu’s gig! [smile] Additionally, the concert was only a week or so away, and, quite frankly, most people don’t bother reading calendars (and if they do, don’t pay attention to such details). As, from my perspective, this music is genuinely collaborative, I’m just, er, fine being perceived as a “sideman” or “leader”  — because, to be clear, each participant takes on these roles in varying ways and to various degrees during the course of a concert — but, unless there is an understanding or agreement beforehand (such as someone booking something on my behalf, or an agreed upon gesture of respect), he or she who books the gig should get top billing. Following, a photo of Davu by Jesse from the concert mentioned above. (And do note whose photo was run first [‘nother smile].)


On another matter entirely, and one not warranting a separate post, it would seem I have been, to use the current lexicon, “punk’d”. Unfortunately, the motivation/agenda behind “the joke”, while seemingly good natured is, in reality, part of ongoing attempts to belittle me for not having followed stringent party lines in the manner in which I have conducted myself; to wit, my opinions about various musics, musicians and critics. Particularly given my position in the food chain, the fact that aforesaid opinions have stuck in certain taste-maker’s/gate-keeper’s craws to the extent that, at this point, they have resorted to something which could be construed as borderline bullying/harassment is fascinating, but ultimately pathetic; made even more-so by the fact that they have involved young, willfully ignorant tools in their latest efforts. And while my even mentioning it is giving the situation more energy than it’s worth, I do so “for the record”, as it serves as more evidence that the path I have chosen is viable and necessary. (And, never mind that most of the few people who might read this will have no idea as to what I’m on about. In spite of it [like everything] being “de minimis”, I nonetheless felt compelled to vent without drawing more attention to the actual nonsense at hand.)