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All items marked “available” in the Recordings listing are indeed available; I just don’t have any copies of particular documents left. For those items, please contact the other listed distributors (top of the right hand column on this page) or the specific label.

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(Note: post office trips are usually once-a-week.)

The Constant Extension of Inescapable Tradition (LP) $10.
Against The Betrayers (LP) $6.
Lucid Anarchists (Meat With Two Potatoes) (LP) $6.
Get Down! Shove It! It’s Tango Time! (LP) $7.
April/October 1991 (LP) $7.
Another Outbreak of Iconoclasm (Two Eggs, Slightly Beaten) (LP) $6.
Precision In Inexactitude (CD) $10.
Surges/Suspensions, Comme Toujours (3 CD) $25.
Motion Ejecta (CD) $15.
Ikebana (London Encounters) (2 CD) $30.
Towards “Der Andere Zustand” (Another Artistic Triumph) (CD) $10.
Percussion Music; Improvised (2 CD) $15.
Second Meeting (Percussion Music; Improvised) (CD) $10.
Contiguous Chunks (CD) $10.
Ananke (CD) $15.
Teshuvah (CD) $15.
Sound Carvings (Ongoing Celebrations of Insignificance) (LP) $15.
NOW (CD) $10.
Concerning “The Other Condition”/Spontaneous Composition Generator (LP) $20.
The Untenability of Sentience & More Wistful Tunes for the Sincere (2 CD) $10.
More Sound Carvings (Ongoing Celebrations of Insignificance) (CD) $5.
Nothing Is Not de minimis (A Meeting of Multi-Instrumentalists) (2 CD) $10.
Add Havoc (CD) $10.
You Will Not Be Pressed To Buy (Volume One/Volume Two) (2 CD) $10.
The Edgar Allan Poe Suite (3 CD) $15.
The Only Dignity Is Oblivion (3 CD) $15.
Apophenia (CD) $10.
Acceptance of Sorrow (CD) $15.
Her Grace (LP) $20.

Votive (booklet) $3.50 (a collection of Milo’s reviews spanning 1983-1993; originally intended for publication in “Jazz Forum”)



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